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ARCA … Working Together For a Cure

The AIDS Research Consortium (ARCA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) clinical research, treatment, outreach, and education organization founded in 1988. ARCA works through a network of 53 physicians and 6 public health clinics to conduct clinical drug trials, epidemiology studies, patient and care-provider educational programs & outreach programs to various Atlanta communities. Through ARCA, Atlanta residents have access to the latest HIV/AIDS medications through clinical drug trials, usually at no cost to them. ARCA has emerged as one of the most respected & successful HIV/AIDS research facilities in the country. Government agencies, corporations, foundations & personal donations support our $1,800,000 annual budget. We are proud that 82 cents of every dollar goes directly to research.

  • ARCA has enrolled more than 2,000 metro Atlanta patients in over 150 clinical trials. Our trials have contributed to the licensing by the FDA of 18 HIV/AIDS therapies which have contributed to the first ever decline in AIDS death rates since the beginning of the epidemic.
  • ARCA is the largest site in the Adult Spectrum of Disease Study sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Over 9000 patients have been enrolled in this observational study, which documents changes in the disease over time.
  • ARCA was honored to be the only research center in Georgia participating in the first ever, large scale HIV vaccine effectiveness trial.
  • ARCA created the Metro Atlanta Women of Color Initiative (MAWOCI) to take HIV testing, prevention education and linkage to care directly to women in the Atlanta region who are at risk and face multiple barriers to traditional health care services.
  • ARCA was honored by the Human Rights Campaign with the Dan Bradley Award for outstanding humanitarian efforts and its work to reach out to all communities. ARCA’s founder & principal investigator, Dr. Melanie Thompson, serves on a national HIV/AIDS therapy guideline panels & serves on the National Institutes of Health, Office of AIDS Research Advisory Committee.